Friday, February 23, 2018

About Crisis Actors...

Of course they exist.

All media is theater. 

That newsroom on TV is a set inside a tv studio.

The talking head sitting at the desk is an actor reading a script.

“Stories” are just that: concocted narratives that have an “engaging” narrative flow.

It’s always been this way.

From the earliest days of the press, journalizm has been a tool to manipulate and deceive and entertain.

Basic Journalizm 101:

Five Alarm Fire Story,

Story requires narrative for readers.

Event: Dastardly Fire.

Protagonist: Poor widow woman.

Hero: Fireman who saved widow woman’s child.

Villain: Greedy land lord who didn’t keep his building up to code. 

Ending: Several tragic deaths. Mayor investigates. Widow woman reunited with her child in hospital. Hero Fireman given medal. 

Rinse and repeat, ad infinitum.


"Don’t Blame The 2nd Amendment"...

"Blame the unconstitutional federal alphabet agencies for not doing what they were created to do....which is violate all the other amendments."

That’s the conservative response.

Conservatives are actually criticizing the completely unconstitutional FBI for not being an effective enough tool of an out of control totalitarian state.

Oh, and they’re also blaming the ineffectiveness of the Big Brother “school security” and local police.

Apparently, we need a bigger and better police state.

I guess that’s because conservatives are also too frightened to bring up the fact that public schools are now, as they always have been, a meat grinding factory that the state uses to take children from parents and away from family culture.

And conservatives are too frightened to bring up the media onslaught of attempting to normalize homosexuality and cross dressing and race mixing and all the other accoutrements of cultural marxism and globalism, and how that is destroying people’s spirits and minds.


This is what it has been since 1776.

Murica was founded by a bunch of oligarchs who were backed by international merchants.

It had no official race, ethnicity, language, religion or culture.

Sort of like Babylon, isn’t it?

“Personal Freesom” is the rallying cry.

And so Muricans celebrate the right of a man to call himself a woman but cry in outrage if a town declares itself White...or Anglo-Saxon....or Baptist -that’s discrimination.

Thus conservatives have no arguments.

All conservative arguments are liberal in nature.


The opposite of marxism and globalism is not Trump or Reagan or George Washington.

No, the opposite of marxism and globalism is Arminius and Queen Isabella.


Thursday, February 22, 2018

Media Induced Sensation...

I remember on September 11, 2001 somebody came and told me about the attacks and told me it was on TV.

I stopped my work and went in and saw a replay of the building falling.

I thought, ‘it‘s a crazy world’ and then went back to work.

You see I never have, nor never will, live in New York.

I know of no one who has or does.

And I didn’t own the buildings.

So why should I give it much thought?

Because it’s a human tragedy?

I know of lots of human tragedies locally -happening all the time.

People within my little corner of the world die every day. A lot of them I don’t know and never met and so their death doesn’t impact or bother me in the least.

When someone I know dies it does impact or bother me, in varying degrees -feelings that range from being heart broken to thinking, good riddance.

It is unnatural to be distraught and have your thoughts filled with an event that does not immediately impact you.

Empathy is no excuse, because in reality

even when it does impact you directly, you’re over it in a few days -a couple weeks at the most.

Life goes on.

That’s reality.

The world keeps right on spinning round and round.

Media is theater.

It takes real things and turns them into generic pretenses for the purpose of manipulating the audiences emotions.

And having your emotions manipulated can be a very addictive drug.

Today the world is nothing but theatre.

You are either on stage or in the audience.

Be it in front of your tv, in school, in church or at the movies, you are spending far too much of your time in front of some sort of stage.

We might amend Shakespeare’s take on it to read,

‘All the worlds a stage, and 99.9% of us are in the audience.’

Form & Manner...

Have you ever, in your life, come across a single woman who exhibits, in any way, the mannered characteristics of the seductress or vixen of stage and cinema?

I don’t mean characterizing or role playing here.

I mean everyday natural form and manner, even in the bedroom.

No, you havn’t.

The makeup heavy, lingerie wearing, “sensually posing” characters of the musical/cabaret/moulin rouge presentations is not an over the top exaggeration of seductive women, or even hookers.

Theatrical/Media “Sexy” is presented in a form and exhibiting a manner that has no corollary among even the most randy of actual human females or their ready-for-action characteristics, period.

Or put another way, the music video slut is NOT an exaggeration of the real life slut because the real life slut has no semblance of the manner or form of the music video slut.

The media slut is not an exaggerated female as it has no link, what so ever, to actual, real sluts.

Even the most attractive of women participating in slut walks carry no resemblance whatsoever to the theatrical/media slut.

So what the hell is it?

And who created it?

It is interesting to note that the men currently claiming to be women present themselves in the fullness of “transition” by neither looking nor acting like an actual woman, but by dressing and mimicking the theatrical thing that is supposed to be an exaggerated representation of  a woman but which has no corollary in the real world.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Of Gods And Exercise...

I’m not a believer in the supernatural. There are no ghosts or spirits or spirit worlds. If there were, there would be. But there’s not so there ain’t.

But I am a pagan. And a bit heathen.

Pagan from late Latin paganus, meaning villager; rustic/noun use of adjective meaning “of the country, of a village,” from pagus “country people: province, rural district”.

Heath un-cultivated land

Pagan means non-city dweller and heathen means un-cultivated, or un-cultured.

I often see Christians demure abandoning Christianity in favor of paganism on the grounds that the old rituals and customs are lost.

It’s an odd, but revealing, argument.

It’s like saying you can’t switch from a daily meal of fish to steak because you don’t remember how to digest steak.

Paganism is the default. It’s natural. It’s instinct.

 Is raking leaves in the Fall a ritual? Is brushing your teeth a ritual? Is mending a broken bone a ritual?

Pagan customs, or rituals, stem from surviving day to day.

Harvesting food in late summer is necessary to live through the winter. But as it’s done at the same time every year with the same tools and stored away by the same means, it could be called  ritualistic.

What separates heathen/pagan rituals from religious rituals is that the pagan rituals are simply tried and true methods for surviving that just happen to be required cyclically.

Sharpening a blade before you cut the wheat could be seen as a ritual, but then so could tying your shoes before going for a walk.

You will never have to contend with a spirit or ghost.

But you do have to contend with the weather.

You will never have need to save your soul.

But you will have need to save food for the winter.

Rituals that are performed to answer mysteries, is decadence.

Worshiping a god that transcends this world is perversion.

Going for a walk to get a bit of exercise = being pagan.


Monday, February 19, 2018

How You Know The One-God Is False...

Let’s compare Gravity to the one-god.

The reality of gravity is recognized in the absence of temples, schools, apologetics, sacred books, priests, prophets and missionaries to proclaim and defend it.

The reality of the one-god, on the other hand, requires temples, schools, apologetics, sacred books, priests, prophets and missionaries to proclaim and defend it.

You find very few apologists engaging in debates about the existence of gravity.

But with the one-god, an unending stream of apologists and debates are required, generation after generation, to proclaim and defend what its adherents ultimately assert is self-evidently true.


Sunday, February 18, 2018

Understanding The Plan pt. II...

Trump fans are claiming that the the most recent indictments are vindication of Trump.

The Powers That Be are not operating in that sort of paradigm.

Back in 2001, immediately after the twin towers fell, vice President Dick Cheney was asked if Saddam Hussein and Iraq were behind the events.

Cheney answered in a firm and absolute no almost before the question got past the lips of the interviewer. Afghanistan was the immediate target.

A year later a large portion of the public was suddenly under the firm impression that Saddam and Iraq were (in some way) behind the attacks of 911 and therefore supported the invasion and destruction of Iraq.

First no.
Then yes. Or at least, maybe.

This is a classic tactic. You deny it at first so that you can be all shocked and “saddened” later when the evidence forces you to affirm.

This way it looks less like a planned agenda. And it works.

There were no Americans named in the 13 indictments.

But how much you wanna bet a month or two from now Americans WILL be indicted for interfering in the elections?

Hey, it’s just where the ongoing investigation led.

And if you cast a large enough net you can catch anybody. Six degrees of separation sort of thing.

But what about Nunes and the memos and OIG report?


the RINO’s want Trump out.

The memo’s and the OIG are meant to embarrass the Democrats for the mid terms and bargain the Deep State back over to the other side of the aisle. Nothing more.

The GOP sees the opportunity as follows: the bad ol’ democrats take down Trump, legally. But hey, he made his own bed so boo hoo. But the good ol’ republicans take the lefties to the woodshed on their misuse of the FBI and State Department.


Democrats sidelined for an election cycle.
Trump removed from the Whitehouse.
GOP RINOs reign victoriously.

This is why Trey Gowdy said the memo had nothing to do with Mueller’s investigation.
It doesn’t.

The GOP -Nunes, Grassley, Graham, Gowdey, Sessions- are downright giddy at the prospects of the dems taking down Trump via Mueller.

What Nunes, Grassley, Sessions et al are working on, is the breaking down of the Democrat-dominated FBI and State Department.

If all goes well, Trump will be impeached and the FBI (and Deep State) will become exclusive tools of the GOP at right around the same time period.

There is no investigation.

There is a coup in progress.

The investigation is theater to justify the coup.

All the GOP are doing it trying to leverage their own position for the aftermath.

Could the coup fail?


But the above scenario appears to be the plan in progress.